Willow (Feeling Sorry for Yourself)
Willow (Feeling Sorry for Yourself)

Willow (Feeling Sorry for Yourself)

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Do you feel that life is unfair? Do your sometimes blame someone else for things that happen in your life? Do you feel sorry for yourself. "I think that I am drowning in a well of self-pity" "I deserve more then this".

If you find yourself blaming other people for for everything that goes wrong, then you are in a Willow state. Willow people always blaming others, even if they themselves are at fault, they feel full of self-pity and are full of resentment.

If you are begrudging the success and triumphs of other people and rarely have a good word to say about them then you need Willow to bring about balance.

Taking Willow, will allow you to feel more generous towards others and be more objective about your own mental state.  It will help you to take some responsibility for your predicament and thus enable you to take action to improve your life.

Karen, 17, was passed over for lead the role in the play. She was so sorry for herself that she complained to anyone who would listen to her. It was so unfair, she has been working so hard, she is the best in the class. She felt such injustice that she just did not let this go and got herself in a right tissy.   

Willow will help Karen feel more generous and positive about others and help her to come to terms with her situation and to take some action and stop feeing so sorry for herself.

Willow is for those who have suffered adversity or misfortune and find these things difficult to accept, without complaint or resentment. This is as they judge life by the personal success it brings. Willow people feel that they do not deserve so great a trial, that it was unjust, and unfair and they often can become embittered. As a consequence they often take less interest and less activity in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed. 

We are not all designed to be saints or martyrs, famous or renown. But we are all expected to understand the joy and adventure of life and do the work that is rewarded to us with cheerfulness.

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