Wild Rose (Drifting)

Wild Rose (Drifting)

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Do you just not care? Have you ever found yourself just lying for days and days on the sofa not bothering to do anything? You don't take any action on anything really because it is what it is, and you can play no part? "I don't mind either way", "That's the way that it goes".

If you are feeling apathetic and lethargic and make little or no effort to improve or learn from your life, you are in a Wild Rose state. You may not be particularly unhappy about this situation, but more resigned to what happens to you, and you feel quite content to let things drift.

The only problem with this is that you are not an agent in your own life and after a period of time, you begin to wonder what happened to your life.

Wild Rose will help you take a more active interest in the world. They will still be the same easy going, relaxed people they always were, but they will be more interested in themselves and others, and because of this their lives will be more fulfilled.

Scott, 16, is really laid back. So laid back, his mum says he is almost horizontal. He just drifts along without any interest in anything. He comes home from school and lays down on the sofa and barely moves. Sometimes on his phone, sometimes watches TV, sometimes flicking though magazines, or maybe even just having a snooze. 

Taking Wild Rose remedy will give Scott the lift that he needs to begin to take a more active role in his life, enabling him to be more social and have a more fulfilling life.

Wild Rose is for those who without any apparent reason become resigned to all that happens, and just glide through life, take it as it is, apathetic, without any effort to improve things or find some joy. They have surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint.

Resigned to being an unobservant passenger on the journey of life, opens the door to adverse influences and denies the opportunity of a life with spirit and adventure.

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