Water Violet (Standing Alone, Loneliness)

Water Violet (Standing Alone, Loneliness)

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Have you ever been thought of as being stuck up? Or aloof? Do you enjoy your own company but others see you as being proud and unapproachable? Do you have an active social media life, but are alone and lonely at home? "I prefer my own company", "You go your way, and I'll go mine".

The personality of a Water Violet person is similar to the plant, long stemmed, standing alone, with a beautiful flower rising above the water, nature's aristocrats - capable, graceful, calm, centred and private. They are happy in their own company and never intrude on the privacy of others. Balanced Water Violet are joy to all.

However, as you stand alone you can often be construed as snobby and aloof, and thus difficult to get to know. This can impact on you when you want some company as it may be hard to find, as there is no one willing to give the 'proud' person the time of day. You may also spend so much time on your own that you find it difficult to develop close relationships. 

Taking Water Violet when necessary will help you relax and open up more to other people and thus become less lonely and isolated.

Julia, 13, is an only child, and has always enjoyed her own company. She has spent so much time on her own that she finds it not so easy to mix with other people, especially groups of people. She is considered superior and self-important and thus kids at school don't really want to hang out with her. She tries to relate but is not getting anywhere. She is beginning to feel more and more isolated and lonely.

Taking Water Violet, Julia will be able to relax and become more available to opening up and relating to others.

Water Violet people are often clever and talented, are gentle and quiet, are very independent and self-reliant. Their peace and calmness is a blessing.

Learning to be alone in the world is complete joy and freedom.

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