Vervain (Over Enthusiasm)
Vervain (Over Enthusiasm)

Vervain (Over Enthusiasm)

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Do you find yourself rushing into projects before you are fully prepared? Do you have one passion that you are so excited about to the exclusion of everything else? Are you so enthusiastic about something that others may find you over-enthusiastic? "Have you seen what poaches do to Rhinos? We have to stop them, I am putting up a weekly stall and you are going to join me, we have to stop poachers."

If you are over enthusiastic for a cause, where you want all others to see your point of view, and you are not seeing things in perspective then the remedy Vervain may help you to put on breaks a bit and be more measured and relaxed.

Being enthusiastic for a cause is a good thing, but sometimes the danger in being too enthusiastic is that the constant mental activity can lead to exhaustion and mental tension. And the passion to persuade can turn into fanaticism and to understand another person's point of view leading to conflict.

Sarah, 14 has just become vegan. The thought of killing animals to eat, just disgusts her. Even taking an egg or milk is just yucch! And she wants the whole family to become vegan, she makes comments all the time to anyone who just looks at meat. Mealtimes have become a battle ground as Sarah goes on and on about the meat industry, about the death of the planet, about how her parents are taking away her future.

By taking Vervain, Sarah will still be enthused with the idea of being a vegan, but she will be able to maintain a sense of proportion about it. The remedy will help her relax and be more understanding and tolerant of others views.

Vervain is for those with fixed principals and ideas, which they are confident and right, and which they very rarely change. They have a great wish to convert all around them to their own view of life. They are strong willed and courageous when convinced of those things that they wish to teach.

The remedy Vervain will help you to strive to be gentle, so you move among our fellow beings 'more like a breath of air or a ray of sunshine, ready to help others when they ask, but never forcing them to our own views.

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