Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut

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Are you suffering extreme mental anguish? Have you given up? You have tried everything and there is nothing left, no light burning? You are in despair? "I am trapped, in total darkness, there is no way out."

Do not fear, as the remedy Sweet Chestnut can help you and bring the light back.

Sweet Chestnut is for people who are in utter despair, who have explored every alternative in a search for a way though their difficulties and now feel they have reached the end of the road, and there is no where else to go.

It is a bleak and terrible feeling and often can be bought about by the great despair of losing a loved one.

Taking Sweet Chestnut cannot make your problems go away, but it will lend you courage and fortitude so that you can find a peaceful place where hope can live again and where you can begin to look forward again.

Jan, only 12, wished that she had never been born. She was so desperately unhappy at her school, where she had made no friends and was teased relentlessly. She couldn't speak to her mom, as her mom was always so busy and never had time for her, and as for her dad, well he was part of the problem, always expecting that she get firsts for all her subjects. Impossible. She had no one to talk to and no one to listen to her. Not even Bella, her best friend, who could only talk about James, James, James. Jan is in such misery, she begins to think that everyone would be better off if she simply was not here, this seems to be the only solution to her problems.

Sweet Chestnut will help Jan ease her anguish and help bring light into her despair giving her the courage to find a way out of her situation.

Sweet Chestnut is for those moments when the pain of anguish is so great that it feels unendurable. When the mind and body feel as if it has reached the limit of its endurance, and that it must now give away. When it seems that there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face.

Taking the remedy will give you courage and allow you the space for you not to be afraid; to understand that you have the ability and the will to find a solution; and the knowledge that life never gives you tasks that you are not personally capable of accomplishing.

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