Scleranthus (Strugging to make the decision of This or That?)
Scleranthus (Strugging to make the decision of This or That?)

Scleranthus (Strugging to make the decision of This or That?)

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"I am really not sure whether to get this in the red or the blue", "I just cannot decide if I want the Chelsea bun or the cheese cake". Do you struggle to make decisions between two alternatives? Always unsure if you should do this, or that?

If so, the flower remedy Scleranthus is the one for you. This is for the inability to  choose between two alternatives. The remedy for indecision when faced with alternative courses of action. First one answer seems correct and then the other.

Sometimes you can become paralysed with indecision, even on trivial matters. With more important matters, where choices are more serious, the Scleranthus person will feel indecisive as to how to get what they want.

The remedy Scleranthus will remove the clouds of uncertainty so that the person can take the decision in a purposeful way and move on. Ideal to have on hand when stuck in indecision.

Ed just couldn't decide. Should he go with the team in the van and in that way will have the pep talks and team spirit from the word go, or should he go with Gavin in his new car, and experience the freedom of driving just the two of them. He had been trying to figure out which choice to make for about 3 days now, it had used so much of his energy.

After taking Scleranthus, Ed's uncertainty was lifted and he was able to decide on a compromise - taking the van to the match and returning with Gavin.

Usually quiet people, those in a Scleranthus state will mull over their indecision in their minds, without really discussing it with anyone.

Taking the remedy will relieve the instability and will help develop self-determination, by making up the mind with definitiveness instead of wavering and hovering. It gives us the chance to act, even if we make errors, as we are soon able to rectify those errors and learn from the opportunities we are given. Determination will grow, and fear of plunging into life will disappear and our experiences will guide us to better judgements.

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