Rock Water (Self-Denial)
Rock Water (Self-Denial)

Rock Water (Self-Denial)

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Are you one of those people who find yourself denying the pleasures in life? "I'm not going to go to meet my mates as I still have a lot of homework to do". Do you only do things in a certain way and feel strange, odd and uncomfortable if it is done another way. "I have to have the milk in the bowl before I put in the cereal. If someone puts in the cereal first and then the milk, I cannot eat it." Do you exercise   extreme self-control? Or are very strict in the way you live, a hard master on yourself, denying yourself little pleasures?

Then you might be needing the Rock Water remedy. The only remedy not made from flowers, Rock Water is for those whose minds are rigid and who exercise extreme self-control or self-repression.

Maria, is 17 and has decided that she needs to get fit. She has decided that she will start a regime of boxing for 20 minutes each day and running for 5 miles every day come rain or shine. And it is causing her great pain and difficulty, but she continues to do it because she said that she would do it, it is for her salvation of good health and it is the only way that she sees that she can get fit. She is denying herself any pleasure or joy and is becoming a martyr to her plans.

Maria needs Rock Water to give her some flexibility and allow her to be more gentle  and kinder to herself.

Rock Water people have strong opinions and convictions, but they do not preach, rather they live by example, believing that others will follow their ideas and be better as a result. But when out of balance, Rock Water people can tend towards extreme self denial and self control, to such a point that they won't allow themselves pleasure and take very little joy in their lives. They become too rigid, and are unable to see truth through any lens but their own.

The remedy Rock Water will bring great peace and understanding, broadening the  outlook to the realisation that life is one of 'being' and not of 'doing', and each person has their own path to travel and will find it in their own individual way.

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