Rock Rose (Terror or Fright)
Rock Rose (Terror or Fright)

Rock Rose (Terror or Fright)

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Are you absolutely terrified of something? So scared that you freeze or shake. Have you seen or experienced something that keeps you awake at night? 

Then you need Rock Rose. Rock Rose is the remedy for terror, fright or extreme fear and is one of the remedies found in Rescue Remedy. 

It is for known and unknown fears when there is a real terror rather then a simple fear or anxiety. 

Even though Shenade, 15, was not allowed to watch the Horror Channel, she did one night when her parents were away. Now she wakes up in the middle of the night absolutely convinced that the headless hatchet man is going to come and get her and she is terrified, hiding under the covers with the lights all on. This has been going on for weeks now and she cannot get the fear under control. 

Rock Rose will help Shenade cast out all fears and be able to see the nightmare for what it is, just her imagination.

Rock Rose is the remedy for emergencies. The rescue remedy for times of extreme scare even when there appears to be no hope. In accidents or sudden illness, or when someone is very frightened or terrified, or the condition is serious enough to cause great fear to those around. 

It reminds us that there is no place for fear, and it only exists when we loose sight of our true nature, which is invincible, indestructible and unconquerable.

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