Rescue Remedy (Emergency Aid) 10ml
Rescue Remedy (Emergency Aid) 10ml

Rescue Remedy (Emergency Aid) 10ml

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Are you feeling very nervous about something? Have you just suffered a shock?  Do you have to do something for which you are very scared? "I can't do this exam, I am so nervous and so scared."

Then Rescue Remedy - the first-aid treatment - is the remedy for you.

Rescue Remedy is the best known of Bach Flower remedies and is a mix of remedies used to deal with the immediate effects of a crises. To be taken in emergencies such as accidents or reviving bad news, or when experiencing attacks of the nerves. Rescue Remedy is a combination remedy formulated by Dr Bach and is to be used against the emotions commonly aroused by crises and emergencies, enabling you to get through the immediate effects of these situations.

It contains:

Rock Rose for terror

Cherry Plum for loss of control

Clematis for faintness

impatiens for undue agitation

Cherry Plum for loss of self-control and hysteria.

Roger, 14,  was walking across the road though the halted traffic. Looking to the left he saw no traffic and so proceeded with caution. Out of nowhere a motorbike came from the right, overtaking the line of cars. The motorcyclist clipped Roger, spinning him around and knocking him to the floor. Roger was physically unhurt but was terribly shaken and went white and faint. 

A quick few drops of Rescue Remedy under his tongue immediately gave Roger the calm that his nerves needed and rapidly restored him to a place of balance.


Rescue Remedy is short term remedy to be taken when and if you need it. It can have dramatic effects when taken in emergencies.  If you feel that you need to be taking it more often, it is advisable to examine why you feel that you are always in crises and seek other remedies for the long term.

It can be possible that you or your practitioner feels that you will benefit from a longer term use of Rescue Remedy. In this way you can create a treatment bottle adding 4 drops of Rescue Remedy. 

Rescue Remedy can be given externally as well as internally, for example if someone is unconscious and unable to swallow drops in the normal way. Dab a few drops onto the pulse points or on the lips.

It is a very useful remedy and can be carried with you at all times in case of need. Rescue Remedy is the most popular and well known Bach remedies.

Available in 20ml and 10ml

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