Rescue Remedy Cream
Rescue Remedy Cream

Rescue Remedy Cream

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Have you having problems with your skin? Do you have an anxious rash?

Created from the famous Rescue Remedy with the addition of the cleansing remedy Crab Apple, this lanolin based cream is perfect for any skin conditions and pain. Dry or itchy skin triggered by emotional demands to simply overexposure to winter dryness or the summer heat, our skin goes through a lot and is often the first place to show the impact of our hectic lifestyle.

This gentle cream will rejuvenate your skin giving it life again. For use anywhere on the body, it will soothe and calm.

Only a small amount of cream is used to be very effective and some people have had remarkable results with this cream. The cream can be used everyday. 

When our skin isn’t at its best, neither are we. Rescue Remedy Cream will help to calm your skin and heal your conditions.


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