Rescue Night Liquid Melts (Good Sleep)

Rescue Night Liquid Melts (Good Sleep)

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Needing some natural sleep? Suffering from unwanted thoughts when you go to bed? Struggling to fall asleep.

Try Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts. These 28 Capsules of Bach Original Flower Essences will dissolve on your tongue, calm your mind and lead you to a good nights sleep.

The capsules combine the 5 natural flower essences that are found in Rescue Remedy with the addition of the Bach essence White Chestnut which helps switch the mind off from unwanted repetitive thoughts. 

Rachel was so disturbed in her sleep. Tossing and turning all night, although not awake, she was not getting the deep sleep that she needed. She started taking Rescue Night Liquid Melts, dissolving them on her tongue and before she knew she was off to a deep nights sleep.

Placing one of these magic little melt capsules onto your tongue will let your mind switch off from repetitive thoughts and allow rest to come.   Rescue Night Liquid Melt capsules are fast-dissolving and quickly release  4 drops of Rescue Night Flower essences to help you enjoy a natural night's sleep.

28 capsules

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