Rescue Night (Good Night Sleep) 10ml

Rescue Night (Good Night Sleep) 10ml

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Struggling to get to sleep at night? Do you lie awake in the middle of the night with thoughts running around? The idea of going to bed is daunting?

Then you need to try Rescue Night. Combined with the wonderful Rescue Remedy is the remedy White Chestnut - the remedy that brings to a halt aimless thoughts. This ensures that your mind is quiet and all is well, allowing you to gain the beautiful sleep that you need. A few drops on your tongue as you climb into bed will relax you from the stresses of the day and give you a good night rest.

Stefan was really struggling to sleep at night. Nothing that he tried seemed to help. He did not check his phone after 7pm, he did not drink any tea or coffee or soft drink after 5pm, he had a good night routine. But he just could not fall asleep. He would lie in bed hour after hour staring at the ceiling and would eventually drift off in the wee hours of the morning. Everything was suffering from the lack of sleep, his schoolwork, his relationships, his football. His mum started to give him Rescue Sleep and within a couple of days he was sleeping properly and soundly, with no problem dropping to sleep.

Rescue Night is alcohol free and safe for children as well as adults. It is a very gentle and natural remedy that is very effective in helping you get the full night sleep that you need. Scientific research has shown that it is extremely important for teens and young people to get sufficient sleep of a good quality to help support the growing brain and body. Sleep is on of the most vital elements to maintain our health and our wellbeing and so if sleep is not coming to you, try some Rescue Night to get the meaningful rest you need.


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