Red Chestnut (Over Anxiety for Loved Ones)

Red Chestnut (Over Anxiety for Loved Ones)

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Are you anxious about your mom, who has been a little poorly? Are you worried about your little sister being bullied at school? Do you phone your best friend all the time because you know she is having a hard time? "My sister is at university but I really worry about her and cannot really rest until she comes home."

If you worried or even fearful that something awful will happen to someone you love, you are in a Red Chestnut state and need to take the remedy to calm your feelings of exaggerated fear. 

Su is really worried about her brother starting senior school. She is worried that he will not survive the jokes and bustling that the boys at the school find amusing. She keeps telling him about what he is about to face and as the day draws near, she becomes very nervous and anxious for him. Her fear is communicated to her brother who ends up being so nervous and anxious that he has a terrible time.

Taking Red Chestnut will help Su to stop worrying unnecessarily about the welfare of her brother allow a more balanced approach to supporting him.

Everyone one of us has concern and sympathy with our loved ones and others in distress, and we all have the great privilege to be able to help others. But for those who find it difficult not to be anxious for other people, suffering in the worry that some unfortunate thing may happen to them then they are out of balance.

Red Chestnut works to calm exaggerated fears for our parents, siblings and  friends, so that we can be calm and support them in insecure situations, rather than terrifying them with our own fears.

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