Pine (For feeling Guilty)
Pine (For feeling Guilty)

Pine (For feeling Guilty)

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Have you done something and now feel really bad about it? Do you feel the result of an action is all your fault? Do you blame yourself for someone else's decision?

If you feel guilty and tend to blame yourself when everything goes wrong, you are in a Pine state. 

Pine is for people who blame themselves for their own mistakes and the mistakes of others. They are usually very conscientious but are rarely satisfied with their achievements, and always look for faults in themselves and others.

If they are to blame for something they often don't learn from their mistakes to move on. In the Pine state, their guilt turns poisonous and they need the remedy Pine to get out of it.

Where they were not to blame in the first place, the remedy helps them to see things in their proper perspective and accept and allocate responsibility in a more balanced way. 

George is part of a team working on a school project. He has worked very hard at it and has tried to get all the other team members on board to create the best product. However, even though they got a good mark for the project, George feels that he should have worked harder and keeps on blaming himself for the failures of the other kids.

Taking Pine will help him to know his real value, so that he can put aside his unnecessary guilt.

 Pine is for those who blame themselves. They are hard-working and suffer much from the faults they attach to themselves, even claiming responsibilities for the mistakes of others. 

Pine remedy will balance the feelings of guilt and bring about the realisation that we are perfect and all our efforts are true and viable.

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