Personal one to one Consultations

Personal one to one Consultations

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Feeling emotionally off? Not feeling you? Are you finding sleep difficult as too many thoughts ruminating? Are you trying to please others, and loosing yourself? Are you not feeling and being yourself? Are you being held back from what you want to achieve? Are all your emotions tied up in a big knot?

Well, I can help you find balance and harmony with nature's natural remedies and a personal consultation.

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Either from my consulting rooms in Bournemouth, or via Skype, a consultation is for you to discuss your present situation and for us together to find a treatment for you, to bring you back to being you.

 In Dr Bach's rooms Mt Vernon

After listening to you, I will I suggest specific Bach Flower Remedies that I feel will support and help you, and together we see if they resonate and have meaning for you. If the question that I ask of you has a resounding 'yes', then that remedy will go in the bottle. If you don't think that it is something that you, for example need more confidence, then we do not add this to the mix. We can add up to 7 remedies in one treatment bottle, so we can cover a wide range of the issues that are bothering you. 

This treatment bottle is just for you and will last 21 days. You need to take 4 drops of the remedy 4 times a day,  either on the tongue or in a glass of water, and soon you will be feeling much more like yourself and more in tune with your goals. These can be really simple or quite complex, for example if you only want to be able to have the courage to say 'no' to many of the requests made of you, we can just put in Centaury which will help you to only take on those tasks that you can manage. If there are a lot of areas that you need help with, for example you keep on making the same mistakes as you feel that you do not trust your opinions and you have very dominate people around you who make you do things you don't agree or feel comfortable with - then we can create a remedy for that too.

After 3 weeks the remedy should be finished and we have another consultation to see how well you are doing and if there are any other areas that you want to focus on. We will then make another bottle of remedy for you to continue for the next three weeks.

So within 6 weeks you will be on a new path, where the negative issues that have been bothering you are now gone and you are feeling full of confidence to achieve your goals. Life does not get much better then that!

Consultations can be held in my home office in Bournemouth or via Skype at a time that suits you.

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Balance, Harmony, Joy

Cecile Trijssenaar is a qualified Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner and is registered on the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners.

Available day, evenings and weekends, via Skype or in person in my Bournemouth rooms. Call now 01202280031