Olive (Mentally or Physically Exhausted)
Olive (Mentally or Physically Exhausted)

Olive (Mentally or Physically Exhausted)

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"Oh my goodness I am so tired. I feel that I have been studying and working forever." "This play is such hard work, months of rehearsals and now after 7 performances, I just don't think I do another show." Have you put in a lot of effort, either physical or mental and are now feeling exhausted?

Then you will need Olive, to lift your tiredness and give you back your energy.

Penny is 18 and has been training to be a tennis star. She is always found on the court practicing no matter what the weather. She is mentally determined to put in the hours to become a top athlete, but she is feeling quite tired, in fact quite exhausted and wary and is finding it difficult to find the energy to maintain her enthusiasm.

Penny needs the remedy Olive. Taking Olive will restore to her the energy that she needs to pick herself up and so she can continue in her sporting dreams.

If you are finding that daily living is hard work and that you are receiving no joy out of it, then you are in an Olive state - exhausted following mental or physical effort.  Taking the remedy Olive will restore you to the balanced state where your mind, body and soul can all be working in unison and you are able to overcome the wariness that has assailed you.

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