Oak (Past Exhaustion)
Oak (Past Exhaustion)

Oak (Past Exhaustion)

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Are you totally exhausted and yet still keep on going? Do you keep trying one thing, and then another, and the another, past the point of exhaustion? You are very good at coping with things, and never doubt your strength or endurance, but you keep on carrying on. 

The Oak state is where you are working steadily step by step, never giving up until they reach their goal, relying on their tremendous strength and solidity to keep them going through every adversity.  Which can be considered a great strength, but in the Oak state, their determination can lead them to over extend their physical strength when they get too fixed on their plodding progress. 

Taking the remedy Oak will set you on an even keel where you can see the need to rest now and again.

Michael works on the collage magazine, he is always searching for stories and rushing out interviewing people and writing and publishing. He has worked every single day on this project for the past 10 months, and although he is exhausted he believes that he needs to continue to prove his worth.

Taking Oak, Michael will be able to appreciate that if he does not stop he will have a breakdown from exhaustion. It will restore his strength and teach him that he needs to take rests and work in a more measured paced.  

A Oak person is one who struggles and fights strongly in the connection with the affairs of their daily life. They will go on trying one thing or another even though their case may seem hopeless. They fight on, and are discontent with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others. 

Oak remedy will help you realise your faults and the opposing virtues which help those faults disappear. There is no need to fight your worries, or struggle with your diseases, or grapple with your difficulties, rather forget all about them by concentrating on the virtue required to counteract your faults. (CW121)

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