Mustard (Cloud of Depression)
Mustard (Cloud of Depression)

Mustard (Cloud of Depression)

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Have you ever had that feeling of a big black cloud has descended upon you? When you feel gloomy, but there is no actually reason for it? Low, blue, depressed and no known cause. "I feel really depressed, but I don't know why", "I can't see the point of anything".

Mustard is for when you are feeling that gloomy depression that comes from no where. People in this state often can list all the good things in their life, and are at a complete loss as to why they are feeling so down, and what is the cause for their unhappiness. 

Taking the remedy Mustard will lift the black clouds so that you can gain the real joy from the good things in your life.

Joanna is 15 years old and generally has a really good life. But recently she feels really, really down and has taken to her bedroom, refusing to come out. She says that she is feeling depressed and acknowledges that she has a lot of good things in her life and she has no idea what could account for this feeling. She says that it feels as if a black cloud just descended upon her and hidden her light. It is impossible for her to feel happy or cheerful.

By taking the remedy Mustard, Joanna will feel more cheerful and able to see the good things in her life and the depression will lift.

Feelings of doubt and depression should not oppress you, as this is not really yourself. Your soul only knows joy and happiness, and any dark cloud that overshadows you can be lifted by taking the remedy Mustard.

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