Mimulus (Afraid of Something Specific)

Mimulus (Afraid of Something Specific)

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Are you afraid of flying? Or spiders? Do you not want to do something because of a  specific something, like go to a party because your are afraid 'that no one will speak to me', or don't ride on buses because you 'are afraid the bus will crash'. Being afraid of something specific is being in a Minimus state and taking the remedy will relieve you of that specific fear. 

Minimus is for everyday fear and anxiety caused by known things. Normal every day fears and anxieties.  Minimus fears are known fears because the sufferer knows why they are afraid - they can name a cause. These people quietly and secretly bear their fear and do not speak often about it to others.

Minimus is also associated with people who are shy and timid in all that they do. 

Taking Minimus will provide a simple courage that allows the person to face the everyday problems of life without being deflected by anxiety.

Amina is terrified of the dog at the top of the road, in fact she is terrified of dogs in general. She can usually avoid them as she has stopped going to parks or on the beach where there always are dogs, but she has to walk past this particular dog on the way to and from school. She has started to take the long way around and is often late for school, and is duly punished.

Taking Minimus will give Amina the courage to face the dog and not feel the anxiety that she normally feels. This will help her get to school on time, and will also help her to get back in the park and on the beach.

Ideally in the everyday, fear has no place. We all have within us everything that we need to conquer anything of which we may be afraid. 

Taking Minimus will counteract our fears of the worldly things, illness, poverty, accidents, pain, dark, being alone, misfortune and enable us to enjoy to the full what life has to offer. It will give shy and timid people the courage to engage fully in their daily lives. 

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