Larch (Needing more Confidence)

Larch (Needing more Confidence)

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Are you lacking the confidence you need to accomplish the things you want to do? Do you wish that you could do something specific but don't feel that you are able to? "I'm going to fail", "I'd love to do mountain climbing, but I won't be any good.' 

You need Larch.

People in a Larch state lack the confidence to try anything new because they think they are going to fail. As they have no confidence they miss out on the opportunities that may be available. They don't do themselves justice because they are always expecting that things will go wrong, thus failing to throw themselves into life

Taking Larch will allow one to be in a state of confidence, so that you can try things and not worry over success or failure. It will open you to opportunities that you may find you have a talent or skill for,

Theo did not consider himself as good as the other actors auditioning for the school play, he wanted to take part but he did not expect to be chosen. In fact he 'knew' that he would fail so he decided not to even apply. He felt that as he was not going to be successful there was no point even trying.

Taking Larch will give Theo the confidence to give it a shot. To try for the sake of trying and not be too concerned with the final outcome. Even doing the audition will be a success and something that he can build upon in the future.

The ideal balanced state with confidence is to appreciate that life gives us experiences that will test us to full. And in that respect we are already certain that out battles will be won - as we are never presented with anything that we do not have the capacity to handle it. 

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