Impatiens (Impatience)

Impatiens (Impatience)

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"Oh that person is so irritating!", "I wish Joe would hurry up, he is always so slow'. Are you feeling impatient? Annoyed that things are not been done quick enough, or good enough for you. Do you rush from one thing to the next? "I haven't got all day".

The Impatiens person is always in a hurry. Usually quick-witted, and have no patience with the slow, methodical people of the world. Waiting for someone to do something makes the Impatiens person so irritable and frustrated. Drumming fingers, tapping feet, and fidgeting are sure signs of Impatiens people. They are often found alone as they prefer to work and be on their own, then deal with others who they have to explain and consult and which frustrates them. They are also accident prone as they rush from one place to another.

Impatiens will give you the space you need to become calm and balanced and gently be more able to tolerate others.

Ross could not stand the stupidness of the other kids in his class. They never seemed to grasp any concepts and he would get so annoyed and would sigh and tap his fingers on the disk, which would irritate the teacher. He was often sent out of class which just added to his frustration and made him quite angry which isolated him even more from the other kids. 

Taking Impatiens will restore Ross's sense of calm and balance. It will teach him  patience and give him the ability to value more the others in his class, for the different skills they bring to life.

You can be an Impatiens type - quick in thought and action and who wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. Impatient with people who are slow, as they consider it a waste of time, and endeavour to make such people hurry up in all ways. 

Impatiens will support your striving for gentleness, peace and calm.

One of the remedies found in Rescue Remedy.

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