Honeysuckle (Living in Past)

Honeysuckle (Living in Past)

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Do you live in the past? Always talking about when you were in junior school, or at your last house, or country? Do you wish you still lived like you did many years ago. Do you long for the 'good life'? Are you at collage and feeling very homesick? 

Honeysuckle is for people who tend to live in the past and not in the present. They spend much of their time and energy talking and thinking of the glories (or tragedies) of the past and therefore are unable to be fully present in the now.

Taking the remedy Honeysuckle will take you out of the past so that you can experience the present and get more out of the life of the moment. You can live for today and see the potential for joy in every new day.

Samina is 16 years old, she grew up in Pakistan and came to the UK a couple of years ago. She is always thinking of the sunshine, and the good food, the easy comradeship, and the love of her extended family. Life now is dull and hard and Samina finds it very hard to find anything to look forward to. As she is always talking about the past, she has picked up the moniker 'When We..' which makes her miss her old country even more. 

Samina needs Honeysuckle to help her live in the present so she can create new and happy memories.

Those in a Honeysuckle state feel the past was their best time and they do not expect further happiness such as that which they have had. 

Honeysuckle will balance you so that you begin to realise that it is in the here and now that life is lived, and we are only able to gain experience and knowledge by facing the realities of day to day living.  

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