Holly (Having negative feelings towards another)

Holly (Having negative feelings towards another)

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Do you harbour ugly thoughts about someone else? Are you jealous of another person? Are you suspicious about someone or feel spite towards someone else. "I hate Rachel and her long blond hair." "I know that it was John who dobbed me in."

Holly is the remedy for very negative emotions aimed at another person. Emotions such as jealousy, hatred, spite, suspicion and envy. It can also be considered as the remedy for anger and in some ways it is if the anger is a result of one of the emotions mentioned above.

Shiela needed to do her homework and had found a place of peace, until her brother Peter found out that she was at home. He started to scream and jump around and came into her room and started to poke and annoy her. Shiela tries to ignore him but he is irritating her so much, she is beginning to think of ways that she is going to get him back and what she wants to do is really, really hurt him to pay him back for disturbing her.

Shiela is in a Holly state and taking the remedy Holly will calm her thoughts of spite and hatred, turning them into positive feelings.  Instead of being consumed with thoughts of getting her brother back, she will feel generous towards him and thus her suffering is eased.

Holly is for those with different types of vexation, where they suffer much within themselves, even times when there is no real cause for their unhappiness.

Being balanced means that your outlook will be one of love and gentleness, where nothing will be able to disturb you as you will have compassion for all situations.

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