Heather (Self-concerned)

Heather (Self-concerned)

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Do you find yourself always seeking out company to talk about you and your issues? Do you dominate conversations with everything concerning yourself? We all like to talk about ourselves, but if you aware that you are always turning the conversation back to yourself, happy to chatter away for hours about yourself - you may be in a Heather state. "You auditioned for the school play? I was going to but then I had a little fall and I hurt my foot. Did I tell you about it? I was on the playing field and then Johnny came up and he started to....and then Rose said... then I felt that I should....I, I, l".

Heather people are so wrapped up in their own affairs and problems that they are completely unaware and show no interest in the affairs of others.  They are generally scared of being lonely and anyone who comes their way becomes an audience.  Heather people talk incessantly, and others start to avoid them, and hence their fears of being alone come true. 

Taking Heather will help you to rise above your own concerns and enable you to turn your thoughts to others. 

Ahmed is a 17 year old young man who is very worried about being left out of all the social groups at collage. He does not feel very happy about being on his own. So he makes a big effort to seek out other people. The only problem is that he is so obsessed with his own problems and concerns that he will just talk to anyone, no matter who they are, and go on and on chatting about his own things and never notices that people have moved away and are starting to avoid him.

Once he starts taking Heather, Ahmed is able to calm his thoughts and find peace within himself and therefore is better able to control his ideal chatter and engage more constructively with others.

The Heather remedy will help those in a Heather state to become better listeners and so are able to share your problems and concerns with others effectively rather than just inflicting their problems on anyone who comes their way.

Well balanced Heather people are a wonderful help and support to others.

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