Gorse (Lost Hope)

Gorse (Lost Hope)

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Are you suffering hopelessness, despair and feelings of being completely defeated?  Do you feel that there is no hope in pursuing something, as there is no chance of it ever actually being successful?  Have you lost hope, even though you have not tried every possible solution? "There is no point in my even trying for my GCSE', I am going to fail anyway." "I've tried to ask girls out on dates, but no one ever says yes, so there is not point in asking anyone anymore."

If you are feeling like this then you are in a Gorse state. You have given up the belief that any more can be done for you. You may try different things because you have been persuaded by others to try them, but you keep telling them that there is no point.

By taking the Gorse remedy, light will shine back into your life, and the dark hopelessness will be replaced with life and light and a renewed determination to take action to make things better.

Mark has just finished his GCSE's and has been looking for a job. He has sent out 15 applications and has not received one response. For the last few days he has not left his room and has stayed in bed doing nothing all day. He has completely lost hope of ever getting work and feels useless and hopeless. Nobody can help him, and he feels nothing can be done for his future.

By taking Gorse Flower Remedy, Mark will overcome his hopelessness and will be able to see a path out of his situation and will be able to find some creative solutions to finding a job.

Gorse is known as the sunshine remedy - sunshine in a bottle - this is partly as a tribute to the beautiful radiant yellow gorse flowers from which it is made, but also because of the remedy's positive effects. Perfect for those who suffer seasonal adjustment disorder, during the dull winter months. Gorse shines light back into life, giving new energy.

Gorse helps you to Never Give Up. 

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