Gentian (Discouraged or suffered set back)

Gentian (Discouraged or suffered set back)

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Have you been working really hard at something, but you haven't succeeded, and are now feeling very discouraged? You don't feel that you can pick yourself up, to try again after a setback?

"I failed my driving test! That's it for me then." "I tried that diet for two weeks and I never lost a pound, I might as well just give up now."

Gentian is the remedy for discouragement and mild depression after a setback. It is for those feelings that your will and faith have abandoned you and you lack the certainty of your success. Rather than feeling that you are unable to progress, it is you know you will, if you have bit more certainty that you will succeed. 

Taking the remedy Gentian will turn the negative defeatism around and so the person is able to get over the set back and find another way around the obstacle.

Suzie is feeling discouraged and despondent. She so wanted to do art for GCSE's but apparently it clashes with her geography which she has to do to get into the civil engineering degree she wants to do. Now she doesn't feel like she wants to do geography, or actually any other subject for that matter. 

By taking Gentian, Suzie will begin to see that there are other alternatives available and gives her the certainty that she is able to continue in her love of art.

You may be progressing well, but find that any small delay or hindrance to progress causes doubt and you soon become disheartened. 

Gentian will help you keep your firmness of purpose and a happier and more hopeful outlook, even when the sky is overcast. It will bring you encouragement at all times, and the understanding that there is no failure when you are doing your utmost, whatever the apparent result (CW 107)

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