Elm (Feeling Overwhelmed)

Elm (Feeling Overwhelmed)

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Do you feel that 'it is all too much'? You have relationships with your family, you have responsibilities at home, you are navigating friendships groups at school or collage, you have a ton of homework to do, everyone is having a good time on social media and you have no idea how you will ever pass your exams. You feel overwhelmed and as a result are not able to do anything, or feel that you are going to crack with all the things that you have to do.

Elm is the right remedy for you. Elm is for the crises of confidence caused by taking on too much responsibility. 

Alan is an all rounder dedicated to sport and his school. He is the captain of the rugby team, and is also in the cricket and debating teams. He is doing Maths A level early, and doing 3 other A levels. He helps his mom with child care for his little sister, and also supports the neighbour with his shopping. Alan has just been asked if he could organise a large part of the school fete. It is just too much and Alan is starting to wonder if he is good at anything and he falls into bouts of depression, feeling that the tasks that he has taken on are all too difficult and not within the power of a human being. 

Taking Elm will help Alan to see that life should not demand unthinkable sacrifices, and that his duties can be done with joy. It will help him to manage his responsibilities more easily.

You don't lack confidence normally, and in fact you are capable and confident, but you often try to do too much, taking on more and more responsibilities until it is all too much, and you are suddenly assailed by self-doubt. 

Taking Elm will help you to resolve these temporary losses of confidence so you can get on with your life and know and plan for your limits.


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