E-mail Consultation
E-mail Consultation

E-mail Consultation

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I truly believe that the flower remedies will work for you for almost all circumstances. Sometimes you may need some advice with the remedies and do not want to have a full consultation. In this case I will be able to help and support you through email requests where you explain in writing what your situation is and how you would like things to improve. 

I will then be able to create a treatment bottle for you and send it in the post. Many people find this to be a very good way of getting help.

Simply send an email outlining your situation and problem and how you would like things to be better to Cecilet102@gmail.com including your postal address. Once payment is received I will create a 21 day remedy especially for you. After reading your story I will select several remedies and explain to you why I have chosen these remedies and what they will do for you. You will confirm if they resonate with you and if you are happy I will make your bespoke remedy mix and forward it to you by post.

For example: You have just become a new mum and you are feeling completely overwhelmed. You are so busy that it is almost 4pm and you are still in your pyjamas. You haven't had a chance to tidy the house and your husband is coming home with his mother in an hour. Your mother in law is always criticising you and even more so that you are a new mum. You just cannot cope with this. You are feeling incredibly guilty already as the baby won't stop crying and you have tried everything. You are lacking confidence in being a mother and you are really worried that you may do or say something that you will regret later.

In this case I will create a mix with Walnut, which is like a big Hug - as you are doing a fantastic job and need this protection from all the changes that have happened in your life, as well as protect you from your mother in law; Elm, which will assist you in managing all the things you have to do so you will not feel so overwhelmed; Larch, to give you a boost of confidence in your parenting skills; Pine to help you with the feelings of guilt; Cherry Plum to support you in gaining control over your feelings of loosing control; and Olive to help you over some the exhaustion of becoming a new mum. 

This is a fantastic fast and effective way to get the support that you need immediately.

Take 4 drops of the remedy 4 times a day. The treatment bottle will last for 3 weeks.

The treatment bottle has a small amount of grape alcohol to preserve the remedies. if you cannot take this please let me know and I can create a treatment without it.

Please book a time and date on the calendar here and then continue to payment.