Crab Apple (Cleanliness)

Crab Apple (Cleanliness)

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Is body image something that affects you? Do you feel unattractive, and find parts of your body unappealing? Do you ever feel 'dirty', that your body or mind are not quite clean? Do you dislike your own behaviour? Have you ever thought "I hate the way I look"? "There is something not quite clean about me".

Then Crab Apple is the remedy for you. This is the cleaning remedy. It is used to cleanse anything - physical or mental - that you do not like about yourself. It is also for that feeling of 'contamination' that you sometimes feel when you are ill. 

This is the remedy that is very appropriate for teens whose bodies are going through changes that they may dislike. It is also for when you feel repulsion or intense disgust at normal bodily functions, like eating. It will help to balance the negative thoughts you have about yourself and aid in feeling clean.

Crab Apple states are those where compulsiveness and orderliness are paramount and where you may feel that you have to continuously wash your hands, and clean your surroundings before you feel OK. 

Poppy is a lovely 14 year old, and she has just started her periods. They are heavy and apart from the physical pain, she feels really dirty with all that blood that she cannot control. She feels that everyone knows that she is having her period, because she 'smells' and it is possible that they may see. She refuses to go to school on the days when her period is heavy and her mother is having a hard time convincing her that she is fine and nobody will notice.

Taking Crab Apple will alter the way that Poppy perceives herself, giving her a more balanced view of her situation and will aid her in feeling normal about her body and its natural functions. 

Sometimes you can become fixated on one small thing about yourself and you find yourself concentrating on this thing over and above anything more serious. You are most anxious to be free of this very thing that is greatest in your mind and for which  it seems is essential that it is cured.

Crab Apple will allow you not to become over anxious about your body and learn to be as little conscious of your body as possible which will allow your mind and soul to be free.

Crab Apple is found along with Rescue Remedy in Rescue Cream.

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