Clematis (Head in Clouds)

Clematis (Head in Clouds)

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Do you find yourself always dreaming of a perfect future and are completely unaware of what is going on around you? Are you the daydreamer always looking out the window? Is your mind somewhere else and you keep on forgetting things?

A Clematis state is where you are far away, living in an imagined future, and not being present. Where you get so involved in the planning that you never actually get around to doing what you are planning. Clematis people are those who great dreamers who tend to use up their energies in fantasy and not in the real world.

Taking Clematis will bring you back to the present, bringing stability, and onto a more practical plane so that you can fulfil your work.

Alice hates school, she sits near the window wherever possible and looks out daydreaming of the day she becomes a pop star.  At lunch she will walk around and find a quiet spot where she she will go deep into her dream and even practice her songs and dance routines in her head. She is always late back to class as she simply does not hear the school bell. All her friends say Alice is in the clouds.

Taking Clematis will allow Alice to be more present, so she can take action and focus on her school work instead of dreaming, so her dreams may actually come true.

If you are dreamy, drowsy, not fully awake or have no great interest in life. A quiet person not really happy in the present circumstances, living more in the future, living in the hopes of happier times when ideals will come true. Then Clematis will bring you back down to earth, so you can deal with the day to day events of life in a meaningful way.

Clematis is one of the remedies in Rescue Remedy bringing you back to the present from the emergency of feeling faint.

Remedy for insufficient interest in present circumstances

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