Chestnut Bud (Repeating Same Mistakes)

Chestnut Bud (Repeating Same Mistakes)

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Do you keep on making the same mistakes and fail to learn from them? Do you find that you are always getting into the same situations? Do things always end up the same way over and over?

This is being in a Chestnut Bud state, where you are unable to make out the patterns in your life and in the life of others. Instead of making a mistake and learning from it, you make the same mistake over and over again. You can watch someone making a mistake, and then when it is your turn to act, you make the same mistake yourself.

Taking this remedy will help you to learn from experience. You will be spared unnecessary suffering and will be able to profit from the experiences in your life, enabling you to lead to a more productive and rewarding life.

Every day Charlotte would not to write down her homework assignments, always believing that she would remember them. And every week Charlotte found herself in detention, for not completing her homestudies. This went on for months and months, always the same situation with her never writing down her assignments and always forgetting what they were and always getting into trouble for it.

Taking Chestnut Bud, Charlotte was able to realise that the simple task of writing down her homework meant that she didn't have to go to detention and therefore could spend more valuable time with her friends.

We learn slowly, one lesson at a time, but we must if we are to be well and happy, learn the particular lesson being given to us by our own self (CW)

Chestnut Bud is for those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience and who take a longer time then others to learn the lessons of daily life.  

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