Cherry Plum (Fear of Loosing Control)

Cherry Plum (Fear of Loosing Control)

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"Phew! All I want to do is hit that person right in the middle of their face, and if they say another thing to me, I am really afraid that I am going to do this", "If this goes on I am going to crack, and I'll end up doing myself in or something."  If you are concerned or afraid of doing something irrational then Cherry Plum is the remedy for you.

Cherry Plum is for a very particular kind of fear, that of doing harm to oneself or another. If you are in desperation, because you feel that you are losing control, you are in a  Cherry Plum state. You might be frightened of what you might do to yourself even with talk of suicide, or plan violence against another, or you are  hysterical.

Taking Cherry Plum will allow you to master your mind and act quietly to solve your problems rather than be crushed under the burden.

It is one of the flowers found in Rescue Remedy and enables one to gain control over oneself.

Jack is continuously being picked on by a particular bunch of boys. No matter what he has tried to do, they just continue picking on him with ugly, undermining  comments. There is nothing 'big' enough to report, but the relentless having-a-go at him is beginning to wear on him. Jack is finding it hard to sleep and is feeling more and more exhausted. He is really frightened that he cannot take this any longer and that it will be easier to just top himself then face another day with those kids.

Taking Cherry Plum will help Jack to deal with his feelings of loss of control and enable him to have a more reasoned response. Cherry Plum will drive away all the wrong ideas and give Jack mental strength and confidence.

Cherry Plum is for fear of the mind being over strained and for reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them (TH)

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