Cerato (Trust in yourself)
Cerato (Trust in yourself)

Cerato (Trust in yourself)

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Have you being weighing up your GCSE choices for the past year? Do you not believe in your own choices? Do you lack trust in your own decisions? "I am not sure if I should take accept this invitation, what do you think?". "What would you do if you were me?"

You have no problem about making a decision but then begin to question if you have made the right choice.  You might begin to go around and ask all your friends and acquaintances what they would have done. You listen to one bit of advice and then another and you begin to get confused and your thoughts are in all sorts of different directions.

Cerato is the right remedy for you, as it will help you to trust in your choices and give you confidence in your own decisions so that you can take proper charge of his own life, without having to refer to the opinions of others. 

Emma wants to leave her dance school and move to another one, which is a more professional school, but is further away. It means that she will have to forfeit her weekly baby sitting job. She is simply not sure. She has made some mistakes in the past and does not quite trust that she will be doing the right thing. She has asked everyone what she should do, and is now in a completely confused state.

Taking Cerato will allow Emma to trust in her own decisions and be comfortable with her choices.

Cerato is not those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided. TH

Cerato will help you to find your individuality, your personality, and, freed from outside influences, enable you to use the great gift of wisdom that you possess for the good of mankind. CW, 108

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