Century (Unable to say No)

Century (Unable to say No)

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Are you struggling to say 'No' to all the requests being made of you? As a young person you are expected to take on more and more roles, there is family, school, homework, afternoon activities, housework and friends. So many responsibilities. This is all well and good, but there needs to be a balance and when things begin to not be right for you and you are unable to say no, to yet another request, you need to take some Centaury. 

Josh's dad wants him to become a dentist. He is a dentist and so was his father before him and now he wants Josh to follow in the family tradition. Josh secretly dreams of having a job in tech. He loves technology and enjoys creating apps and software. However, Josh has always been a quiet person and does not want to upset his father, tending to do whatever is asked of him. So when his father gives him the applications to fill in for Dentistry school at the university, Josh just fills them in, so that he can please his dad.

In this situation Josh would benefit from taking Centaury. This remedy will give Josh the courage and ability to say no to his dad and to stand up for himself. The Centaury person is the person who is quiet and kind and gentle and who wants to be of service to others.  Her tendency is to say 'yes' to every request and thus they over tax their strength in their endeavours.

This can become a problem when other people start to take advantage: "I am just not very good at saying no", "I don't go out much because I have to take care of my mother', "I always ending up doing his work for him and this doesn't leave me any time to do my own work." In some cases strong characters tend to enslave Centaury people, who work them to exhaustion with the result that they have no life of their own. They become more servants than willing helpers. Their good nature leads them to do more than their fair share of work, and in so doing they may neglect their own particular mission in life.

The remedy will not stop the person from being kind and helpful, but will enable them to have the ability to draw a line and say no, and thus avoid falling into servitude. 

Centaury, that grows in our pastures, will help you to find your real self, so that you may become an active positive worker, instead of a passive agent. (CW 106)

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