Beech (Lack of Tolerance)
Beech (Lack of Tolerance)

Beech (Lack of Tolerance)

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Are you ever a little Beechy? Do you ever lack tolerance for other people and their behaviour and views? Are you one of those people who 'don't suffer fools gladly'?

As teens we are always seeing ways that people, especially our parents and family, are so dumb, but if you find that you are finding many people so irritating to you and you are quick with words of attack - then you may need to take Beech to balance you. Taking Beech will enable you to be more tolerant, lienient and understanding of the differences of people and know that each individual and all things are working to their own final perfection. 

Polly simply cannot stand to be around girls that are not 'cool'. She is always ready with a snide remark if someone does not measure up to her ideal of 'perfection'. She feels contempt for them, because if they only worked a little more on their appearances they may be more like her. She is popular and thinks that others could be too, if only they were not so stupid. 

Polly needs to take some Beech for her bitchiness. Taking beech will enable Polly to see more good and beauty in the world around her. She will see that although people may seem to be wrong in her eyes, there is good growing within. 

Beech to be taken to balance us and so we never criticise nor condemn the thoughts, opinions, the ideas of others: ever remembering that all creatures are God's children, each striving in their own way to be themselves in the powerful universe.

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