Agrimony (Always putting on a Brave face)

Agrimony (Always putting on a Brave face)

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Are you suffering, but putting on a happy cheerful face - hiding your true feelings behind humour and jokes? Then this is the remedy for you. Agrimony is for mental torment hidden from the world behind a smile. 

Are you the jovial, cheerful person who loves peace and is distressed by argument and quarrel and who will make jokes to avoid these situations? Are you the really good friend to know, but behind all that comradarie, humour and jesting you are hiding your troubles and worries?

Then taking Agrimony will help you balance yourself and enable you to confront your situation.

Mary is a 16 year old teenager about to take her GCSE's. Her period is late and she is terrified of going to the doctor to find out if she is pregnant or not. She has told no body and and no body including her boyfriend and friends know that anything is wrong because she is her normal happy smiley self. In fact she is a little more cheerful then usual. But at night Mary is unable to sleep and her work is beginning to suffer.

Agrimony will help Mary with her anguish and support her to talk to someone. (She would also take Minimus for her fear of going to the doctor).

It is important to find a balance and to confront and face your tensions and anguish  through the Agrimony flower remedy, as often these people are only able to cope with their anguish and find find solace through drugs and alcohol.  

Agrimony is a good balancing remedy for those who are always putting a light view on a situation and never take anything seriously. "It will be alright on the night", "Look on the bright side", "Never mind it will all come out in the wash".

Those who who are always making a flippant remarks and making light of a crises, is a typical Agrimony person.  They are always putting a cheerful mask on their inner torment. Nothing seems to disturb their good humour, they are always bubbly and cheerful but hidden behind that smile are deep emotions which are ignored or repressed, and are not permitted to be integrated into their life. However, when alone, and in quiet moments when there is nothing to distract, the inner turmoil swirls around. For these Agrimony people, there is the danger that when the mask cracks they can veer dramatically into a state of utter hopelessness and distress. 

Taking the remedy Agrimony will allow the person to laugh at his problems, but at the same time deal with them. It brings him to a healthy balance, where instead of hiding behind the good humour, it is used to bring light to the dark side. 

The lesson of the plant is to enable you to hold peace in the presence of all trials and difficulties until no one has the power to cause you irritation. CW 105

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