Veteran's PTSD and Bach Flower Remedies


I joined the army when I was 17 years old. It was not compulsory for women, but it was for men, and at that young age I wanted to contribute for my country which had been at war for several years. I was fortunate as the two years that I spent in the specialist unit, were not in front line service. I was support and back up and spent many an hour talking with those who had seen and done things they could never have imagined. 

There is no glory to war. There is only sadness and broken people. 

And those broken people have spent most of their adult lives trying to recover from the mental and emotional wounds they received, often when they were still only in their teens, still raw and naive. 

It is incredibly heartbreaking to see these noble soldiers crippled by the horrors they were subjected to. The flashbacks, the nightmares, the lack of light which lead the darkness to increase. Where nothing is normal, and all is a struggle.

They no longer believe that they are Blessed human beings, but feel abandoned and survive on a day to day basis, struggling with the challenges that beset them. 

It has long being acknowledged that soldiers suffer from their wartime experiences - in the First World War it was termed Shellshock and over the years the trauma has been recognised and in the 1980's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was placed in the Manual of Mental Disorders. In the subsequent years research has placed the trauma in the brain with the information that it actually causes physical changes to the brain. The latest research shows that  severe trauma is 'encoded in the viscera' and the war hero's trauma is similar to those of early neglect, childhood abuse, rape and other traumatic events.

The body holds onto the trauma - it is in every cell, and thus affects every part of a sufferer's life. So it is not an easy thing unpick. But it is possible.

And we are not talking about finding out what is wrong, what has to be done to fix it, who can do that, are they good enough, will you have access to them, how you will be able to afford it - this whole mental journey which is complicated, hard and complex....


Your healing begins when you move from a place of worry, to a place of hope. When you move from seeing yourself suffering, to seeing yourself whole. From sickness to wellness.  It is an emotional journey seeing yourself less worried and more hopeful. And this can be done immediately. When you take a shift of focus, from the internal fear to the external love.  There will be steps along the way - anger, disappointment, frustration - but each step being a little less worried and a little more hopeful.

I have raised a child who suffered early trauma when he was abandoned by his birth mother and started his life in an orphanage. I have lived the last 15 years of medical study of the brain and I have learnt the most effective treatment for him. And this research has lead me to the love and belief of the gentle vibrational power of flower remedies which work on the sub atomic level and vibrate in the viscera and unblock the trauma that is locked there. 

It is not a quick fix, but it is an effective and powerful fix that is incredibly gentle, is non invasive, does not have any side effects and can bring about profound relief.

Dr Bach who created these remedies more then 80 years ago was a man before his time. He has incredible insight into human nature and the emotional woes that can lead to illness and poor health, and he sourced the cures to bring about emotional wellbeing and good physical health. 

Because of my knowledge and experience of war and trauma I feel that I am well qualified to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Each experience is unique and there is not one remedy that will help all. Rather a combination of remedies are created that are tailored to each particular need. Each, though, will contain the incredible Star of Bethlehem which works on the effects of trauma and which works retrospectively, slowly and patiently unpinning the trauma which has been encoded.

A course of treatment can be designed for each individual. We have a consultation where you discuss your situation and what you would like to achieve. We start off very simply and treat the first things that come up for you - it may be you just wanting to feel safe, or needing to trust in yourself and others, or to stop the random thoughts that prevent you from sleeping. Each of these issues are looked into and we work together to find a remedy that suits you. I make up a bottle which is for three weeks, when we meet again for your second consultation. We look at what has shifted for you and how you would like to move forward. Another bottle is made up for you. We can then schedule another consultation in a month to review this. After that time you will be able to see a huge shift and we keep working together until your find yourself in a position in which you are comfortable. Each consultation is an hour long. And I am always on hand to help and support with any questions or problems. 

I am so Blessed to be able to help you on your journey to good emotional wellbeing.

Please call Cecile on 01202280031 or email to discuss your needs. Consultations can be held in person or via Skype. 


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