The Mist

Our world was completely hidden this morning, covered by a deep and silent mist that made everything white and mysterious. It is was incredibly disorientating. Pathways that are so familiar were hidden and I started walking in the completely wrong direction over a hill that normally is our boundary. As I was walking, the realisation hit me, that this is what happens when the mist of unknown fear descends upon one. Being a flower therapist this is known as a mustard state, where your emotions are tied up in an unknown fear that is like a cloud that is sitting above our heads. It is scary, disorientating, frightening, debilitating.  the natural response is to just stop and not move forward as one cannot see ahead, or infect behind or to the side.
However, as I was walking I realised that there was an area of about 5 meters where I could make out what was there. I could see the fence poles and the pathway, I couldn't see (or in fact hear) the sea, or the headland, shrouded in various shades of grey and white, but I could see everything around me. And although I could not see forward as I walked I walked more into the mist and yet I could still see the 5 meter radius around me. So I was OK. I could move and progress and I was not swallowed up, and it never got so I could not see that small area around me.  And although strange and unknown objects appeared out of nowhere, giving me a little bit of a fright, as I got closer I could make out the wooden bench in the making. 
And then as I began to focus on the now, that little bit of the world that surrounded me at that very moment, I began to notice things that I would not normally see. Little things that would be lost in the wide vistas. Most noticeably the amazing cobwebs that were simply everywhere. Such incredible things that nature had devised. Cobwebs so in our consciousness and yet so rarely visible. Here for us all to see.
Then in the white I was able to discern the light. The weak sunshine was trying to break though and bring its magnificent. And that glow was then noticed on the waters edge, faintly reflecting the illuminating orb, adding sparkle and silver.
And then, standing alone and proud was this flower, defying the mist and the gloom that surrounded all. It was as if the flower was saying, it matters not what surrounds me I will stand tall, stand straight and look the world right in its eye. I loved that confidence.
So when the mist of fear descends from nowhere, try and panic not (never panic). If you stop you will see that close around you all is well. The future and the past, seem to be all confusing and disorientating and you may begin to be frightened, but if you look around you at the present it is all fine and makes sense. Take small steps, and see that the present continues to follow you where ever you are. If you are calm, you will begin to take note of the small and the unseen, and these will begin to resonate and give you new experiences, perhaps even juicy experiences
To help take Bach Mustard Remedy as this is a remedy for this exact emotional state.
Trust all will be well, and soon the mist will rise and you will again be able to see into the great distance. Hang in there.

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