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I doubt if there is one person on the planet whose body does not have a physical reaction to the word 'Exam!'.

The whole idea of sitting locked in a silent room, for a long period of time, with a piece of paper that is asking of you questions you doubt you have answers to, with the whole of your future pegged to your performance and results, is darn right alien and very, very scary.

It takes a very brave soul to sail through these tests, and yet each one of us has to do it and each one of us, somehow or other managed to scrape through. 

I will never forget when I was at film school, sitting with coffee, biltong (air dried spiced meat) and an over flowing ashtray, swotting hard into the night, my colleague and flatmate sauntered in and asked what exam we were having the next day. I said Directing and he disappeared into his room, only to emerge 20 minutes later saying he was off to bed. I don't know how he did it, but he cracked those exams and I barely pulled through, despite my hundred hours of swotting.  

The one thing, though, that helped me to survive everyone of my exams, all the way to my Masters is Rescue Remedy. My mom, who was a lay homeopath, discovered the effectiveness of Rescue Remedy over 50 years ago and introduced me to it whenever I was feeling anxious or overwhelmed, especially at exams. I soon began to carry a bottle with me and would take a few drops whenever I felt that anxiety arising. It was not long before I was sharing this beautiful, gentle energy healer with all who needed it. It was invaluable in emergency situations.

I am very happy to say that life has redirected me from filmmaking to now helping young people feel good about themselves and becoming a qualified and registered International Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner.

And today I am going to tell you how you can help yourself though the magic of flowers so your exam week will not be so stressful and you will not be feeling so anxious. 

Each person is an individual and the beauty with Bach Flower remedies is that you can tailor a treatment to your specific situation. I outline here a few of the conditions that exams through up and the remedies that can help.  It is possible to purchase each of these remedies individually and create your own treatment by putting two drops of each (maximum 6) into a glass of water and sipping that. Or taking each remedy directly in your mouth (don't let the pipette touch your mouth or tongue). You can even put the remedies into a water bottle which you can sip whilst you are actually doing your exams. If you are using Rescue Remedy it counts as one remedy and you use 4 drops instead of two.

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So first of all lets see what you are finding to be the most scary bit about the exams? If you can say clearly what you fear eg. 'I will fail', 'I will freeze', 'I don't know any of the questions', "Everything will be too hard', 'I haven't studied enough' then Minimus is the remedy for your. Minimus will dissipate the fear and give you courage so that you can be more relaxed about the outcome of exams.

If you are feeling that you are 'dumb', 'stupid', 'not good enough' 'could be smarter' or any of the feelings that indicate something particular to your body or mind, then Crab Apple will help you. Crab Apple Remedy will help you to stop focusing on these issues, which will then enable you to focus more on the task on hand, studying or actually writing the exam.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the volume of work that you have to study? Finding it all too much? There is so much that you are expected to learn and know, and if at school, on subjects which all have very little to do with each other. It will not be surprising if you are feeling completely overwhelmed. And when one is overwhelmed it is very difficult to start as there just seems to be too much and any of your efforts are not going to make a difference. I am happy to let you know that there is a specific remedy for this and it is Elm. Taking a couple of drops of Elm on your tongue will almost immediately take away the feeling of being overwhelmed, and will allow you to get on with the work that you need to do, step by step. Elm will drop that feeling of it is all too much, and give you the opportunity to start make  headway into your load. I highly recommend this remedy!

Cerato is a wonderful exam remedy as it allows you to trust in your own decisions. Often in exams we come up with an answer and then think that we have got it wrong and then change our minds and then wonder 'could that be right?' and much time is wasted.  Cerato will ensure that you trust your decisions are the right ones. It will give you confidence in your own choices.

And talking of confidence, if you are lacking in any, which lets face it when it comes to exams we all lack a little confidence to do well, then Larch is the remedy for you. Larch will give you the boost that you need so that you try and do not accept defeat before you win through. It is the remedy for confidence and self belief that allows us to plunge into a challenge with the confidence that our talents are enough. 

There is the possibility that you are dreaming of a great future for yourself, and are so living in that future, that you are not putting in the work now. You cannot be a lawyer or a pilot or an engineer or a media mogul unless you put the work in the present. Have you heard the expression "It takes 7 years, to become famous overnight". Yup, all those overnight sensations have actually been putting in a load of work, for years. So to ground you and get you out of your future head and into the present moment, you need Clematis. This remedy will help you not escape from your present circumstances but to set about to actually create change so that your dreams can become reality. Clematis will allow you to build on your dreams by making the best use of time today, freeing you to study and make the most of the time now.

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Are you frustrated because you keep on making the same mistakes? Even though you know that most of the math's marks come from explaining what you are doing, you still every time just write the numbers. Do you always run out of time on your essays, even though you know you need to time everything? Are you one of those people who are always saying to yourself 'I never learn from my mistakes'? Chestnut Bud will help you to consolidate your learning so that you will not repeat the same mistakes. It will break the patterns that have established themselves in our lives either consciously or unconsciously, helping you avoid making the same errors. Chestnut Bud will open you up to growth so that you can learn from your experiences and successfully move forward.

If you are finding it difficult to get starting with your studies or your revision programme at the beginning of the day? Then you need some Hornbeam. Hornbeam is for the procrastinators, those who keep on putting off for tomorrow that which needs to be done today. Hornbeam is the kickstart to the day, preventing that sluggish beginning and gets you going so you can get up to speed immediately. Fabulous remedy and we all need it sometimes!

One of the most crippling conditions relating to exams is when you have really messed up on exam and then you feel that that is the end, there is simply no point in going on. Well, I am happy to tell you that there is a remedy for this too! Aren't these flower remedies remarkable? So, if you have suffered a setback and are feeling reluctant to move forward then Gentian is for you. Gentian will remove the doubts of your ability, enabling you to overcome your feelings of despondency and allow you to get back into the groove of studying for your next exams.

If however, it is all way too much, you are feeling like rubbish, you are terrified of writing any exams and in general are feeling completely overwhelmed and totally despondent feeling that there is nothing more to be done, then Gorse will help. Gorse is the sunshine remedy created from the beautiful yellow flowers that grow wild all across the UK.  The remedy has the power and strength to go deep and change your state of pessimism and despair to one of more optimism and ability to try. It is a wonderful remedy to help those who have lost hope, giving some light into the situation.

And when the nerves are ratcheting it up - it is time for the emergency remedy Rescue Remedy. Squirt a few drops into your mouth in the run up to the exam. You cannot take too much. And I suggest that you drop 4 drops into your water bottle. This incredible remedy lowers the feelings of anxiety whether you feel it in your chest or stomach. It relaxes you and brings you into a state of balance so that you are at your very best for delivering your knowledge onto those exam papers!

If you are needing some help in unpacking your emotions and finding the right remedies for you, I can do a consultation which includes making a bespoke remedy bottle just for you. These fee consultations can be done via Skype or in person in my Bournemouth rooms. Or you can jot down your concerns via email and I can make up a bottle for you. Please call on 01202280031 or send email to Cecile@oceanred.co.uk. 

GOOD LUCK! You will smash it!



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