Eeeek Exams are coming.....

....and I am having a flashback to 100 years ago when I was writing my 'O'  Levels, as GCSE was called then. So anxious. Just about as anxious as I am now that my child is about to write them...!

I could not sleep, I could not eat, I was so worried that I was actually shaking. I saw the exams as judgement on my self and I simply was not good enough. I thought they were designed to find me out, to trick me, to see that I was  stupid and dumb and useless. Even writing this now, I am feeling that same feeling I had then, the memory has triggered the physical sensation of warm liquid running through my body and settling in the pit of my stomach.

I am so grateful to my mum. She knew about Rescue Remedy and used to give me a few drops under my tongue, almost immediately that horrible physical feeling stopped. I could feel the anxiety levels just drop. This is the magic of these remedies, your situation does not change..I still had to write those exams...but the physical and mental angst just goes, so you are able to get on with the task at hand. They are so subtle that sometimes you don't realise that you have shifted, you just feel fine and can get on with things.

I found the results in me to be so profound that I decided to become a qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. And now I am about to prepare a remedy for my child. She will be carrying a bottle of Rescue Remedy at all times. For Rescue Remedy is the First Aid treatment, for that sudden onset of fear or anxiety. And the treatment bottle I am mixing will be for the present situation. She is putting off the studying, so Hornbeam will support her in no longer procrastinating but to just get on with it. I will add Cerato, as she doesn't trust her own judgement or knowledge, Cerato will give her the belief in herself. I will add a few drops of Walnut as a protection from the influence of others, and Clematis as a grounding aid, to not loose sight of the task at hand. Mimulus will help with the fear of the exams, and finally I will add some Larch to give a bit of confidence.

The power of these remedies is that they can treat almost any out of balance emotion. So if your child is feeling overwhelmed, Elm will help, or if they have suffered setbacks and cannot move ahead, Gentian will help. Look on the website which gives a full description of each product.

Can I help you or your child? I would love to have personal consultation where I can create the right mix for you or your child and so they can go into the exams feeling confident and self assured. Call me on 01202-280031 to see how I can help. 

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