Back to School....Help!

Unfortunately, the wonderful summer cannot last forever and there is that dreaded day when the children need to go back to school.

I am not sure about you, but in our household,  this is a time of extreme anxiety which takes several weeks to calm down. Strangely enough, I always forget about this, so it always takes me by surprise.


For some children it might be the first time they are going to school, and along with all the excitement of now being 'big' children, it is also a very anxious time. Leaving home or nursery and going into a school environment of disciple and restrictions is an important change for them. For those older, going into junior school or high school can be a big, frightening change. One thing that is unavoidable in our society is the school environment and the continuous change that surrounds it. For some this change is easy as they may have older sisters and brothers or are confident and mature. For others to navigate new friendship groups, teachers, the work load - it can all be too much.

Luckily Bach Flower Remedies are here to help! They can help our children and they can help us. As we get caught up in the anxieties of our children, unless we are calm and balance, we begin to be part of the problem and contribute to their anxiety. Taking Bach remedies means that we will be centred and are able to be the stable rock that our children need at this time.

The first remedy that I recommend at this time of change is Walnut. Walnut is the protective remedy that is like a big hug. It protects you from the influences of change and also from the influences of others. As per Dr Bach: "... This Remedy provides constancy and protection from external influences."

Then to get an understanding of how your child is feeling try asking them with tact and love some questions which will reveal how they are feeling. Questions that are not a yes or no answer. "R what do you think of this change?", "How are you feeling about going to this new school?" We need to listen attentively to what they say. And also to observe them. Are they showing signs of anxiety, do the appear to be frightened? Have they expressed that they are scared of the bigger children, or the new teachers, or not knowing where they are going.

If they are able to express exactly what they are concerned about then Mimulus is the remedy to give them. Strangely enough it is also useful for shyness, so perfect for that start of term. Mimulus "... the fears of everyday life. The people who need it keep their burden of fears and anxieties to themselves and do not willingly talk about them with others."

If they are not sure of why they are feeling frightened, but they are very scared then Aspenis the remedy to support them at this time. Aspen ….”gives us faith in the essentially goodness and rightness of the world. It helps us overcome vague fears that are not related to any specific cause…by giving us grounded courage and confidence.” Aspen will enable your child to be bold and adventurous.

Back to school
If you child is expressing overwhelm (like mine) and is looking at the big picture - GCSE, Failing, 'Whole future of being a waiter even though I want to be an pilot'...then Elmis the prefect remedy. Elm is great for parents too! It takes all the fear, worry and concern away and leaves you in the position where you are able to just get on with the task at hand. I gave my son some Elm before I started writing his as he was struggling to get a start as he was too frighten about EVERYTHING. I am happy to say he has sat concentrating for the last hour and has broken the back of not revising for his exams (So proud!). Elmgives you the strength to perform your duties. I love it!

Larchis a wonderful remedy for giving a boost of confidence.This will allow your child to gain the confidence to try anything. Larch gives us that hopeful positivity that tells us we can do things as well as anyone else, and that if we try and fail that too is a way to succeed. We all need a boost of confidence and Larch is the remedy to do this.

If your child is wanting to stay where they were and feels very nostalgic about the old school, school mates and its teachers, Honeysucklewill enable them to break the ties with the, often idealised past, and have the courage to look forward with confidence and adventure. "For those who often think of the past, perhaps because it was a happy time or they cultivate the memory of a friend ... .. They no longer expect to experience happiness equal to the one they have already lived". This will give your kids the best chance to engage and adapt to the new environment.

And I would highly suggest the powerful Rescue Remedyfor when, and if, the anxiety levels rise very high. Rescue Remedy is the emergency treatment and a couple of doses of it do wonders for the anxiety of entering into a new, strange and scary environment.

It will not take long before your child is feeling settled and happy in their new environment and the anxieties and fears of the first few days are over.


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