Are you panicking with the Coronavirus?

It seems to me that the world has gone a little catastrophic. I have friends in Italy who are feeling the restrictions of being in Lockdown (feel that I have to have that in capitals as it is such a serious action). She cannot stay indoors all day as she has a 9 year old child and a 8 month old baby and her husband is working from home. And when she goes out with the kids, they are the only people in the park and the streets are empty. She is already feeling claustrophobic and her anxiety levels are hitting the roof. I have advised her to take Rescue Remedy as this constant state of anxiety can only be calmed down with the 5 remedies that are in Rescue Remedy. I have also advised her to take Mimulus for the fear that they are all going to die. The sad thing is that she is struggling to manage her daughters anxieties as she struggles to manage her own. We have to hide our fears so our children can feel safer and Bach flower remedies can help you managing your emotions.

If you would like to speak to someone about it, and you want to find a remedy to help and support you, then please arrange a consultation. We can discuss your fears, see how they are impacting on you and we can work together to find the remedies to help you to stop feeling worried and start to feel calm. These remedies are so gentle and yet so powerful. After taking them you may feel that you can cope a little more and you will begin to feel better.

There is actually not much that we as individuals can do to stop the virus. We can manage our own physical and mental wellbeing and take the recommended precautions. We need to keep strong and fearless, as illness and disease like a frightened body as the fear responses reduce the immune system and makes it vulnerable to attack. 

Help yourself now by finding the remedies that you need to support you in this hour of need.

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