Afraid of the Coronavirus?

Fear of contagions is universal and is deep seated in the human psyche. Most illnesses are perceived as something that comes from outside of us, and for which we have no control. And we have to 'battle' and 'fight' them - always the terms of aggression - as they have 'attacked' us. We have to 'protect' ourselves from this deadly invader.  


The coronavirus is no different. Emanating from Asia, this virus is virulently making its way across the globe and affecting people from Iran to Brazil. Some schools in the UK are closed as a handful of their pupils travelled to Northern Italy for ski trips, and the global number is over 80 000. 

So it is not unreasonable to be a little fearful - although to put things in perspective the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that annually flu (the normal type) affects 9-45 million Americans, resulting in 140-810 thousand hospitalisations, and 12-61 thousand deaths. So, with less then 3000 deaths the Coronavirus is really not that bad.

But this may not help the fear that you may be facing. If you are feeling that you are afraid that you may be contaminated or that someone who has touched you or coughed near you may be contaminated - then I would recommend taking some Mimulus. This is the Bach Flower Remedy for known fear - when you can actually name what you are afraid of. A few drops on your tongue or in a glass of water will really help to reduce the fear that you are feeling, and may take it away all together. I would also add some Crab Apple, as this is the cleansing remedy and will help you to feel better about your body and its ability to look after and protect itself. And talking about protection - it might be a good idea to have some Walnut too - as this will help you to protect your emotions from the fears.

All of these remedies can be found in my shop, and if you would like me to make a combination mix for you please let me know at and I can make one up and send it to you.

So, Mimulus for the fear, Crab Apple for the purification of the body and Walnut to protect you are the Bach Remedies to help you during this viral outbreak. Also keep washing your hands and keep away from invected areas.



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